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Computer Problems?


On these pages, you’ll find out more about how Old Barn IT can help you make the most from your computer equipment.


Old Barn IT is a computer support business based in the Eastbourne area, so if you need local support, from a genuinely local computer specialist, call Colin on 01323 507013.


Totally independent, Colin can provide advice and support on a wide range of computer equipment from numerous manufacturers.



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If you need help with a computer problem, you want someone honest, knowledgeable and affordable.

You need Old Barn IT.

Phone Colin on
01323 507013
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Old Barn IT help you make the most of your computer, for less

OpenOffice - free suite of Office software. Think Microsoft Office, but less confusing.



Mozilla Firefox - free web browser. One of the nicest, and simplest around.



Mozilla Thunderbird - free “Outlook” alternative. Just as good as Outlook, and easy to use.



AVG Anti-Virus - free anti-virus software. Full feature protection for free. Commercial version available, but why bother?




Want to make more from your PC, but want to keep costs down?


Why not install some of the best freeware software in the world.


Here is our pick of the best free programs.


The small print : Only reputable software from proven sources has been suggested, but by downloading it, you agree to take full responsibility for the consequences.


Click the icon to go to the download location. Click the title link to find out more.